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From Students


Annette H

I have benefitted greatly from practicing T’ai Chi over the last 10 years or so I have noticed an improvement in my balance and posture. Learning the sequence of movements as part of a form has been a bit of a challenge but I get a huge sense of satisfaction when I get from the start to the finish!
Debbie’s style of teaching is very calm and soothing which is a perfect fit for teaching T’ai Chi. She is particularly good at introducing guided imagery during the exercises which really helps with the mindful aspect of the experience. I can’t think of a better way to start the week!

Bruce P

I had always been interested to experience Tai Chi and having been made aware by friends of locally run classes I took it up over a year ago. I am certainly enjoying the challenge of learning the wide range of movements, related meditation techniques and for me. It is very complementary to other activities, whether the gym or Pilates.

So what’s it all about? If you look for a description of Tai Chi you will find something along these lines “enhances physical and mental health as well as to improve posture, balance, flexibility, and strength. In addition, Tai Chi is said to boost mood, alleviate pain, strengthen the immune system and improved heart health.” Well that sounds like a lot of good stuff, does it work? For me I can certainly say that I am experiencing some of these benefits and look forward to further improving my technique.

Sheila M

I really look forward to tai chi on Mondays with Debbie. An hour of concentration, relaxation and mindfulness.
I had never done tai chi before and the way Debbie describes the different aspects of the moves really enriches the experience.

Jill H

“As a retired shiatsu practitioner, I fully appreciate the benefits of practicing Tai chi and Qigong. The importance of these types of exercise cannot be over emphasised for keeping one’s energetic balance strong.  A well body and well mind are integral to fitness and overall health.

Over the last 35 years I have attended tai chi classes with two  different  masters in the UK and a Buddhist monk in China. I attended the College of Chinese Medicine in Shanghai. The joy of arriving in the People’s Park at 6.30am, having cycled through the early morning smog to get there, was quite enlivening. Dozens and dozens of people either practicing alone or in class groups gave a sense of dedication and commitment unparalleled in this country.
Debbie’s classes are very different from the Wu style I have learned over the years, but none the less, empowering and enjoyable.”


“18 months ago I joined Debbie’s Tai Chi class to accompany my mum whose balance was affected by a mini stroke. I am now a solid fan of the energy restoring movements bringing tranquility and calming breaths anywhere I choose. Debbie imparts her extensive knowledge of this soft martial art in a graceful manner. She explains the history of the moves and how I can improve. Forever grateful.”

Audrey S

Thanks for the classes in Sampford Arundel a venue very convenient for me. I can’t yet explain to anybody what the classes are about so I just tell them the basic truth. The reason I attend the classes is that they always make me “feel better” ……. Simples!

David J

I have been attending Debbie’s class in Minehead for about 2 years now. I very much look forward to these sessions as I find that Tai Chi induces relaxation, peacefulness and a feeling of well-being. Debbie is a patient and gentle teacher who always reassures and encourages. She is inclusive and makes students at all levels of ability feel comfortable and valued.

I would recommend Debbie’s class to anyone wishing to learn and develop this lovely discipline.

Rose T

” I am so pleased that I joined Debbie’s class.! Debbie is very welcoming and informative. She gives clear instructions and varies what we do. I really feel the benefit of what we do and like the encouragement and reminders of completing moves to our own ability. I have found the groups repeated moves have a powerful effect and feel I want to explore more. Thank you Debbie”