About me 

I discovered Tai Chi around 30 years ago when I attended a local class.  Over a period of time I began to experience Tai Chi as a meditation in movement because I couldn’t think of anything else whilst focusing my mind on what I was doing, or trying to do!  It was unlike anything I had ever done before and it was exactly what I needed. As being quite a giving person I found that attending the classes gave me ‘me time’. This ultimately gave me the energy to help others. I also met like-minded people that are still very dear to me to this day and we still practice Tai Chi together.


Tai Chi & Qigong Shibashi for Health Professionals/Personal Instructors – Level 3

Tai Chi Bang Instructor – Level 2

8 Strands of Brocade Qigong Instructor – Level 3

Philosophy of Tai Chi & Chi Qigong Certificate

Teacher Training PTTLS Course, Edexcel BTEC Professional Award – Level 4

Public Liability